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Sometimes it takes patience, determination, and a sense of adventure to reach your goals and make your dreams come true. I am on a 8-10 month trek around the USA on a recumbent tricycle. In life, we are all on this journey together, so feel welcome to follow me on this little website as I explore this fascinating country, meet the people I meet, and share your stories with me. What are YOUR dreams? What do you enjoy? What gets you up in the morning to have the courage to put that first foot on the floor?

The DreamWhen I was about 14, I rode my bike everywhere. It gave me freedom and a chance to feel the wind in my face and leave my cares behind. I fell in love with the road on that old 3 speed Schwinn bike. At that rather young age, I decided that I wanted to travel the circumference of the United States on a bicycle. It has taken about 40 years to make that dream come true. But here I am.The Dream
WhySpeaking for myself, and perhaps other cycling enthusiasts, there is an allure to the road that can only be met on a cycle. You feel connected to the ground as well as to the sky. You are exposed on a cycle--to the air, the elements, the dirt, and the sun. You feel one with the land and the sky. In a way, you are unprotected, exposed, just “out there”. While there is a certain risk to this mode of travel, you feel one with the planet, as if you are truly friends--sojourners on this little life together. At times, just like any relationship, you are at cross purposes. The wind buffets you, the rain stings your skin, the sun bakes your body. But then, sometimes the wind caresses you, the rain kisses your skin, and the sun warms you to the core. The road and your cycle: it is like a love relationship that teaches you about life. So, the road beckons and I, the eager lover, wish answer his call.Why





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